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Belmont Ridge/Rt7 Entrapment

Sept. 29th, units from Ashburn's Truck, Engine, and Ambo company's were alerted for the car crash with entrapment @ rt7 and Belmont Ridge Rd. Truck 6 arrived with an updated location and advised multiple cars involved. Cpt. 6 had command. Units were held out approx. 30 minutes.

New Engines Arrive

T minus a Wake Up - New pumpers spotted in the area....we will be taking delivery tomorrow!

9/11 - Still Remembering

Well Said Gabe! We came together as a nation, as neighbors, and as families. In the fiery choking dust of the towers, mangled wreckage of a plane in a Pennsylvania field, and in the concrete and twisted steel of the Pentagon I saw some of the best in people. It was the worst in people who brought it out, evil met with love and goodness and was conquered. It was all the best things about humanity that were represented by the brothers and sisters who ran into harm's way and the tremendous outpouring of true human goodness in the days and weeks after. I pray for the families of the lost and strive to live my life to honor them, the soldiers and their families, and 343 who made the ultimate sacrifice out of love for their fellow man. Here's to the fallen, and here's to us!

Trap Hay/Claiborne

9/10/14 - Shift change approximately 6pm, E6, T6, and M6 were punched out for accident with possible entrapment at the intersection of Hay and Claiborne. E6 arrived to find a two car crash with one on its side and the occupant within. E6's crew worked on stabilization of vehicle number 1. Truck Co 6 arrived an handled car 2. Patient was extricated within 12 mins of arrival. Units were held out approximately 40 mins.

9/11 Ride 2014

August 16, 2014 - Yesterday, members from Ashburn and Leesburg flew the arch and flag for one of the 9/11 memorial rides. AVFRD takes great pride in being asked each year to be a part of this event. STRONG WORK BOYZ!

Fire in 24's First Alarm District

July 30, 2014 - Just before midnight Ashburn units were alerted for a structure fire in company 24's first alarm district. Engine 611B and Tower 611 arrived to find a two-story commercial warehouse with nothing showing. Once crews gained entry they found a small fire in a garage that was held in check by the sprinkler system. Tower 6 assumed the 2nd special service role, while Engine 606B (acting Engine 22) assumed RIT duties. Engine 6 was also on the run card and assisted opening up and checking the exposures.


July 29, 2014 - Doomsday has arrived. Old Fire Station 6 will be demolished starting today and tomorrow. We realize it's a sad time in our dept's history, but I can assure everyone that a lot of the old building will live on in the new firehouse!

View Past Incidents  

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